Will Cycling Save Our Cities? A Story of Love and Panic

by Anastassia Vybornova

Date: Wednesday, May 18, 2022 | 16:00-17:00 CET

Abstract: The climate crisis is putting our future in danger. Cycling is often described as the go-to “green bullet” to make transportation in cities more sustainable and to reduce our exacerbated fossil fuel consumption. But can we still win the global war on cars, or are our beloved cities (and with them, their inhabitants) doomed anyways? I will share a personal account of my journey into cycling research, which is a story of reciprocated love and well-founded panic. I invite you to join me on a bumpy ride to rethink urban mobility: Let’s pet the elephants in the room – and share our visions of being on the road.

Speaker Biography: Anastassia (she/her) is a PhD fellow in Data Science at the NERDS (NEtwoRks, Data and Society) research group at the IT University of Copenhagen. Her research targets the sustainability shift of urban transportation systems with a focus on cycling. She has a background in Technical Physics, Transcultural Communication, and Environmental Science. Anastassia has also been active in several NGO and grassroot organizations in the support of refugees and queer rights. Despite her love for mathematics, she prefers people over numbers and stories over graphs.

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